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HuaRui Animal Husbandry was build since 2012.content >99%Top animal dietary additive acidifier manufacturer,growth promoter,immune enhancement,reduce drug dependence,Halal feed additiveCement additive.Potassium diformate:  ...


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HCOOH·HCOOK---- Potassium diformate

Non-antibiotic(growth promoter) approved by EU

Promotes the natural microflora   

Increase secretion of digestive juices

Reduces diarrhoea and phosphorus excretion


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Huarui(potassium diformate) is a non-antibiotic feed additive approved by the EU in 2001 to replace antibiotic growth promoters. It is a good substitute for antibiotic growth promoters and has good sterilization against E. coli and Salmonella effect. The European Union has banned the addition of antibiotics in feeds on January 1, 2006, and China has taken legislative measures to ban antibiotics. Therefore, searching for safe and reliable non-antibiotic growth-promoting agents has become a hot spot in the research of feed additives. At present,...


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